A Green Eternity not Wonders

  • Abstract

    With text from the poem Arte Poetica by Jorge Luis Borges, this piece came as a response to the question of simplicity in art paraphrased by simplicity of means. Constructed over 3 notes and the phenomena of "beatings", A green Eternity not Wonders is a reflexion on horizontal harmony and economy of sonic material

  • Text

    (…) Cuentan que Ulises, harto de prodigios,
    lloró de amor al divisar su Itaca
    verde y humilde. El arte es esa Itaca
    de verde eternidad, no de prodigios.

    (…) They say Ulysses, wearied of wonders,
    wept with love on seeing Ithaca,
    humble and green. Art is that Ithaca,
    a green eternity, not wonders.

[soprano and electronics]

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